WAAC for connecting the indoors

Deploying new generation mobile/wireless networks without using them to reach indoors and provide both ubiquitous data access and wireless coverage is a waste of money. It is indoors and in direct proximity to the indoors where most data traffic happens and where most machines and devices to be connected are located.

This is why industry leaders are focusing on Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) as a both efficient and cost effective means to transport broadband data compared with fiber. The notion of FWA makes a lot of sense but its successful implementation assumes that two important aspects are solved:

  • spreading the data payload indoors in a true ubiquitous manner making data access points available everywhere

  • devising a solution that enables the multitude of wireless carriers to access the indoors efficiently and on equal terms

We at Haritel realized that a long time ago and started developing WAAC, Wireless Access Across Copper wires. WAAC is not just a vision but a patented concept with a successfully performed Proof of Concept. It is designed to enable any wireless carrier to provide data access from any available copper wire outlet and through the use of their own mobile/wireless networks.

Based on a unique way to realize fixed/wireless convergence (also referred to as Wireless Local Loop, WLL) WAAC is a green technology, a universal platform that provides low cost and ubiquitous data connectivity indoors with fiber-like performance and that will revolutionize the Telecom industry.

WAAC will make it easy to roll-out small cells for ubiquitous mobile/wireless coverage indoors. It will also contribute to the wide-spread of mobile coverage in remote/rural areas.

Click here to read our White Paper on the benefits of WAAC

The Connected Venue

With our uniquely designed Converger Box, data traffic from any external wireless/mobile network (including satellites) can be accessed through any legacy copper wiring in venues such as low power electricity sockets, telephone sockets (twisted pair, Cat4), TV cable sockets (coax), Cat5 cables, etc... 

Such is the foundation of our innovative concept of The Connected Venue. 

Connected venues constitute the cornerstone of Smart Cities and the Connected Society as a whole. Construction companies and estate owners can take advantage of connected venues (industrial, commercial, public and residential) to equip these through a simple procedure and at a low cost with the necessary means of data connectivity that prepares them for the Internet of Things, Smart Grid Applications (for example Smart Electricity Metering), Asset Performance Management (APM), Broadband and Mobile/Wireless Coverage, etc...